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Gynostemma Loose Tea Organic..
GYNOSTEMMA, JIAOGULAN, MIRACLE GRASS This powerful adaptogen is an amazing tonic, easily earning its nickname of magic grass or miracle grass. It is gentle on the system, yet produces profound effects promoting homeostasis. Plus, the taste is DELICIOUS . It is alike, yet better tasting (even sweeter)...
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Jin Xuan High Mountain Oolon..
"Jin Xuan Oolong is also known as Golden Lily or Milk Oolong due to it s characteristic golden brew and famous creamy flavor. I was pretty blown away by the almost intoxicating flavor and aroma of this batch and after the first sip, I knew I had to get it up on this website. This tea is an perfect example...
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LiShan High Mountain Oolong ..
This tea is truly representative of what super high quality high mountain oolong(gao shan cha) is. The flavor is incredibly complex and profound yet balanced and smooth. I find it to be quite floral and sweet, like how I imagine sunshine, rain, and clouds tasting. There is absolutely no trace of bitterness...
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