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Rejuvenate Formula 100g
Rejuvenate Formula 100g
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I would Highly suggest getting this Chinese Herbal Formula, which is not only great for bone marrow, bones, skeleton, joints and structure, but also for rebuilding "JING", our restorative, healing and recovery power, as well as our sexual health, fertility and vitality, lower back, knees, teeth and mental cognitive functions such as memory, recall and focus. It is also helpful for our senses, especially our hearing. It helps slow down the ageing process, and help you maintain health into old age. It is also good for the quality and appearance of our hair, skin, teeth and nails. Highly recommended!

It is recommended for anyone suffering from stress, anyone run down, depleted, tired, exhausted, anyone with low sex drive or fertility, anyone who is slow to heal and recover, anyone with brain bog, who can't focus and maintain a clear vision or manifest their dreams. It is recommended for anyone who has lower back or knee pain or weakness, anyone who wants to increase their bone density and strength of their skeleton structure, including their teeth, for anyone who has given birth to a child, or who has gone thru surgeries or deep traumas. This will help you recover, slow down the ageing process or deterioration, and have more energy for life.

Rejuvenate is used to restore vitality and health to the kidneys, bladder, bones, joints and tendons. It healths the nervous system and relieves nervous conditions, promotes relaxation, recovery, memory, healing. It builds jing and reserve energy.

Here is a list of the incredible ingredients you will find in your Rejuvenate Taoist Tonic Tea Blend, as well as just a small, relevant selection of their many, well researched, time proven benefits:


BulletKey Tonic Herb for the Kidneys; 
BulletSharpens the mind, improves lucidity, concentration, precise coordination and focus; 
BulletImproves both short and long term memory; 
BulletIncreases hydration due to its astringent properties;
BulletPrevents the leaking or wasting of Jing, our precious and irreplaceable reserve energy, probably its most crucial quality; 
BulletIncreases potency in men, fertility in women;
BulletAids in preventing premature ejaculation, restoring sex drive, and increasing sexual endurance (worth having for this quality alone right?); 
BulletIncreases sexual desire, vaginal secretions, and genital sensation in women (worth having for this quality alone right?); 
BulletExcellent to restore and maintain a youthful appearance and attitude;
BulletImproves hearing and vision

Ho She Wu

BulletStrengthens the tendons, ligaments and bones
BulletBy encouraging rejuvenation of bone marrow, slows down the aging process
BulletLong term use has been known to restore hair colour in cases where its greying
BulletIncreases potency and fertility
BulletPromotes greater endurance and stamina
BulletEnhances the capacity to respond and adapt to stressors in the environment

Prepared Rehmannia

BulletOne of the most potent Kidney tonifying herbs in the world
BulletSlows aging and therefore promotes longevity
BulletWorks almost immediately to build Yin Jing, recharging your batteries, allowing you to heal and recover a lot more easily.
BulletStrengthens the Reproductive system especially, increasing fertility.


BulletRelieves aching joints
BulletImproves memory and vision
BulletHelps keep hair from going grey
BulletIncreases endurance
BulletRebuilds reserve energy


BulletExcellent and delicious Yin Jing tonic and longevity herb
BulletReplaces spent "adaptive energy."
BulletReplenish fluids
BulletEffective in treating dryness
BulletHelps to generate beautiful skin


BulletStrengthens the skeleton and joints
BulletConsidered to be one of the great longevity tonics
BulletEffective marital tonic for men and women
BulletRegulates blood pressure


BulletGuides the other herbs to focus on tonifying the kidneys


BulletAlso high in Silica, excellent for building bone strength and flexibility
BulletMakes the skin more smooth and supple
BulletIncreases nail strength and quality

White Atracylodes

BulletA powerful Qi tonic
BulletInvigorates the Yang energy of the body
BulletProvides power and strength to the body
BulletIncreased endurance, improved digestion


BulletHarmoniser, Helps all other ingredients to work together more easily
BulletDelicious flavour takes away any rough edges, of any other ingredients


This is a small overview of just a few of the most relevant benefits. Books could, and have, been written extolling the virtues of each particular herb, and the sum of all of them combined in this perfectly balanced formula is greater than the individual herbs. If youre interested I highly recommend you research and find out more, you will be fascinated and enthralled, as I am, by their amazingly diverse benefits and long history of effective use

REJUVENATE Herbal Extract Fomula 50g

REJUVENATE Herbal Extract Fomula 500g (Best value!)

Instant Herbal Tea Blend 

These Taoist Tonic Herbs come in the form of an instant herbal tea blend, the ultimate in ease and convenience. None of the effort, all of the benefit.


How to make

The instant herbal tea blends couldn't be simpler to make. All you do is add half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of herbal extract powder to a cup or a mug, pour in (boiling) hot water, stir, add sweetener if required, (liquid stevia is perfect) and drink when it's cool enough. Easy. You can also add it to a small juice or smoothie, or take with cold or wamr water also!


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WOW. What a great formula. I was looking for something to rebuild my core energy from the ground up. I have been taking Rejuvenate for about 3 weeks and I am feeling a subtle, gentle building and strengthening energy from deep within. I love it. I will be recommending the formula to my clients and I will be buying more for myself for sure. Shipping speed was really fast and Owen is a gentle Soul and wonderful to work with. Thank you so much. Sharon
What can you l say but Owen is a herb master a great combination of herbs my skin clarity of though overall wellness so so lmproved please all give this a go you will not be dissapointed
Love it! 3 3 3
Hello Mr. Fox! XD I'm impressed by Rejuvenate (it's even better when taken with Supergreens! XD) Everytime I take them, I feel great! - I will definitely be purchasing from you again as soon as possible. o.o Taking these herbs have certainly helped me to make better decisions in my life! 3 I have decided that I will no longer drink any caffeinated drinks. I've honestly dealt with bad anxiety the past year and so, and I've been battling it constantly. But today, I've learned a hard lesson on the road on my way to work. At first I was extremely anxious and afraid, but reaching out for my wife,siblings, and parents for help brought me calm. o.o They said everything will be alright and that are always solutions. - I suddenly reflected upon my life and reminded myself how blessed I am having a family who will always be there for me. = Life hit me real hard today, and the Universe reminded me that overall, I've never really had anything to be afraid of. I will always trust my wife! I will always trust my family! I have no reason to be anxious. I have no reason to be insecure. I promised to my wife, father, and brother that I will do better. -
Jesus Tovar
Just a quick note to say THANKYOU Owen for the Cleanse and Rejuvenate.. I have had them about a week and wow the past two days really noticed the difference in my energy levels and today just bounced out of bed feeling AMAZING. Cant wait to add the Greens and more to my diet. Also big thankyou for the great service and advice. Eternal love, blessings and deep gratitude to you!
Neva Macpherson
Thanks so much Owen for this incredible tonic herb which I found in my search for a coffee substitute, to help with my night shifts. Rejuvinate has a far greater benefit than coffee without the negative effects. I feel clearer in the mind and energy on tap without feeling like "Pacman". It also doesn't mess with my sleep like coffee does. Incredible product, also evidenced by many others. Would like to add that I rarely give testimonials, and this one is 100% unsolicited. Marvelous!!!!!
Colin Blakely
I have been taking this for at least 2 weeks..I don't know anything else that has helped this 2001 I lost a lot of weight..this product reminds me of how I felt 14 years ago..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Mike Stuck
Bloody marvelous product does exactly what it says my skin and body already looks and feels waaaaaaay better than before I love this product highly recommended
Abdulrahman Almashgari
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