Serenity Instant Herbal Formula 100g
SERENITY Instant Herbal Formula 100g
SERENITY Instant Herbal Formula 100g
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The Serenity blend promotes relaxation, clarity, personal growth, being present and transformation. It relieves depression, anxiety, fear, mood swings and grief and promotes getting a good sleep.

Here is a list of the incredible ingredients you will find in your Serenity Taoist Tonic Tea Blend, as well as just a small, relevant selection of their many, well researched, time proven benefits:


BulletPossibly the greatest herb of all time, with the unique ability to harmonise the Heart and Kidney organ systems, the most fundamental polarity in the body, which ultimately brings all other systems into balance.
BulletStrengthens the will
BulletHelps us give up destructive habits, and take on healthy ones by inclination rather than effort
BulletCalms the mind
BulletPromotes sound sleep
BulletIncreases ability to focus
BulletImproves our perception of life


BulletPowerful adaptogenic vitalizer
BulletImproves endurance and mental capacity
BulletImproves a persons capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen
BulletReduces stress and fatigue levels
BulletOne of the top natural antidepressants

BulletExtremely beneficial to the cardiovascular system, and has been found to prevent heart disease


BulletRelieves insomnia and irritability
BulletReduces dryness and inflammation
BulletCools down hot-headedness
BulletSharpens the mind

Asparagus Root

BulletOpens the heart centre, increasing feelings of love and connection with the world
BulletInduces patience and alleviates frustration
BulletBroadens perspective on life to be more open and inclusive
BulletMakes it easier to see things in perspective, and not let truly petty issues get to you

Biota Seed

BulletAids peaceful sleep
BulletCalming and relaxing
BulletReduces fear and anxiety


BulletCalms the mind
BulletAssists the body in digesting the other herbs more easily
BulletCalms the emotions
BulletHarmonises the other herbs, helping them work together more effectively
BulletImproves taste of the blend

Albizzia Flower

BulletImproves mood, helping you feel better about life
BulletVery powerful to shift entrenched negative emotions, even grief, heartbreak and despair
BulletHealing for the heart


BulletOne of the most revered herbs ever, builds health on every level
BulletExcellent for stress reduction
BulletUplifting for the spirit
BulletLeads you to resolve emotional issues and grow as a person
BulletIncreases a sense of nobility of spirit
BulletFine tunes the moral compass


BulletStrengthens the mind
BulletCalms any nervous tension
BulletRelieves pain and inflammation



BulletHarmoniser, Helps all other ingredients to work together more easily
BulletDelicious flavour takes away any rough edges, of any other ingredients


This is a small overview of just a few of the most relevant benefits. Books could, and have, been written extolling the virtues of each particular herb, and the sum of all of them combined in this perfectly balanced formula is greater than the individual herbs. If youre interested I highly recommend you research and find out more, you will be fascinated and enthralled, as I am, by their amazingly diverse benefits and long history of effective use




Instant Herbal Tea Blend 

These Taoist Tonic Herbs come in the form of an instant herbal tea blend, the ultimate in ease and convenience. None of the effort, all of the benefit.


How to make

The instant herbal tea blends couldn't be simpler to make. All you do is add half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of herbal extract powder to a cup or a mug, pour in (boiling) hot water, stir, add sweetener if required, (liquid stevia is perfect) and drink when it's cool enough. Easy.

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Serenity blend is the best herb combo I have ever come across
I would love to take this twice daily for life. It seems pricey, so I haven't gotten it a 2nd time. I am going to get it for my own Christmas present though. I had some AMAZING dream experiences which were interactive and helped me not only deal with life traumas, but also get a better understanding of how the universe works! Sounds crazy but I swear God/Source was using this experience to symbolically explain that life is actually supposed to be an adventure. To show we make our own decisions, and are more empowered than we think we are. I highly recommend at least trying it. 3
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