Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil. Organic Madagascar. 1 Dram 3.75 mL
Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla contributes generously to love potions and perfumes. This absolute is gloriously sensual, exotic and luscious.

About Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil

Vanilla absolute, a timeless, evocative aroma, delivers a gentle euphoria. From cooking to aromatics, vanillas sweet, deep, sultry scent awakens joy and desire, and relaxes the mind. With yellow flowers and long seed pods (housing the aromatic compounds), vanilla is a member of the orchid family and is native to the warm sub-tropics. This potent vanilla absolute is extracted with food grade ethanol.

The vanilla pod is the fruit of the vanilla orchid. In order for this fruition, the flower must be manually pollinated in the early morning hours. This is because this enchanted flower only blooms for one day and falls to the tropical floor if not pollinated. The curing process of the pods is what evokes the cherished aromatics that triumph in perfumery and cookery. The pollinating, curing and extracting of our precious vanilla amounts to months of work, making vanilla the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron.

Adding vanilla to your signature perfume will help shape the bloom of the fragrance. In perfumery a bloom happens as a perfume element interacts with your unique body chemistry; it awakens and blossoms as you wear it. A few drops of vanilla will add a lot of fragrance and will create the staying power of an excellent fixative. Vanilla will boost confidence and optimism and will cast away shadows on a dreary day. The active aromatic component in this absolute is vanillin. Vanilla “essences” are one of the most adulterated on the market, as they can be made entirely from synthetics.

Vanilla is valuable in awakening passion and uplifting the mind, simply anoint yourself daily on the neck and/or the wrists to experience these benefits.

Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil Profile

Madagascar is known to produce the worlds finest vanilla. This exquisite vanilla absolute is extracted from the dried and cured aromatic vanilla pods with food grade ethanol. This results in this dark, thick yet fluid absolute. The harvested green vanilla pods do not smell like vanilla, it is the sun drying and curing/fermenting process that encourages the emergence of the heavenly vanilla aromatics.

How To Use Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil

  • Perfume Oil: Vanilla works on the mood and emotions and it is a sultry and luscious addition to the world of perfume. Add this vanilla a drop at a time to your signature creation. For ease of use in cold temperatures, gently warm the bottle in a bain-marie, or warm water bath.

Other Ways To Use Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil

  • Direct Palm Inhalation: Apply just a tiny bit from the top of the bottle to your wrists and rub together to warm the oil, and take a few deep inhalations. This will help to calm the mind and warm the heart.

Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil Recipe

  • Romantic Perfume: 8 drops vanilla, 4 drops sandalwood, 2 drops rose in 10 mL of your favorite carrier oil to create a perfume to dab on your pulse points.

Aromatic Profile and Blending of Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil

  • Perfumery Note: Base to middle
  • Odor: Warmly rich, smooth and deep
  • Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium to strong, tenacious
  • Blends Well With: florals like rose, jasmine grandiflorum, and ylang-ylang; all citrus oils, especially bergamot; also frankincense and sandalwood and vetiver

Safety Considerations for Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take vanilla absolute oil internally.

Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia
  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Composition: 100% Pure Madagascar Vanilla Absolute Oil
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Method of Extraction: Solvent extraction
  • Cultivation/Harvesting: Organic
  • Plant Part: Vanilla pods
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Consistency: Medium to viscous
  • Bottle Size: 1 Dram (3.75 mL)
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