Herbs for MENOPAUSE, PMS, hot flashes, healthy normalized menstruation, mood swings, hormones, less pain/aches/cramps and for more moistness? In no particular order:

Asparagus Root/Shatavari/Tien Men Dong (Same thing; different names)

Used As An Excellent Herb For Women:

Shatavari translates into "she who has a 1000 husbands" and is said to give a woman the reproductive strength to have 1000 husbands! (Calm down ladies)

Aparagus Root/Shatavri/Tien Men Dong has been used in India for thousands of years as a rejuvenating tonic for the female system. Through all generations, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, Shatavari helps to balance a woman during the cycles through her life. This amazing root provides soothing, restorative relief from PMS, menstrual and menopausal imbalances, hot flashes and helps to tone and strengthen her reproductive system. 

Asparagus Root helps to regulate the hormones, nourish the blood and enhance fertility. Although it is often considered a womens herb, it can also be used by men as a sexual tonic for treating impotency and as an anti-inflammatory for the reproductive glands, like the prostate. 

Sexual Tonic for women:

As a sexual/hormonal and women's general tonic, Asparagus root works excellently with Angelica (dang gui), White Peony, Poria, Bupleurum. They will truly change, uplift, and enhance a woman's life!

Long term use of Tien Men Dong will make the skin soft and smooth. It is also used with great success to strengthen the sexual functions in women and men and is used with other herbs to overcome frigidity on the physical level. Asparagus root combined with He Shou Wu has a very good effect on this. Many Chinese women consider Tien Men Dong a powerful sexual stimulant. 

It is also used to help restore beauty (Along with sexual energy) when combing herbs used in ancient chinese formulas such as combining with schizandragoji, longon fruit, codonopsis, and morinda.

It is known by taoists as the "flying herb" as those taking it for some time often report having dreams of flying, symbolizing the feeling of freedom that they feel.


Schizandra, a sweet, sour, bitter, salty and pungent (all 5 flavors!) adaptogenic berry that has amazing health benefits. You might be aware that schizandra is one of the highest antioxidant berries, and did you also know that it is so much more than that? Here is a list of the top 11 reasons why the team here at SurThrival loves schizandra.


1. Liver Cleansing — Schizandra protects the liver from harmful toxins. Radiation and other unwanted exposures are properly escorted from the liver and excreted out of the body. Schizandra liberates the liver from any unwanted toxins. Perfect for springtime cleansing! It has also been used in the treatments of liver diseases such as hepatitis .

2. Longevity Herb  helps maintain vitality. Schizandra is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which supports healthy cellular function, making it a superb tool against aging. In China they believe the berry to contain all three primary life energies: Jing, Qi and Shen, these life forces restore vitality and extend life.

3. Skin Health — increases skin wellness and beauty with long term use. Schizandra has been used in treatments of skin disorders because of its amazing powers to radiate the skin. With 100 days of use, your skin will be glowing and your energy will be greatly increased. Known as an anti aging herb, it actually works to deactivate free radicals that attack liver cells. Free radicals damage cells throughout your entire body and therefore promote aging.

4. Increases Brain Activity — Schizandra will give you a boost of energy. It stimulates the central nervous system giving your brain a renewed sense of focus. It has been used to help adults suffering from ADHD. Studies have shown that schizandra increases concentration and memory. It has the ability to promote mental functioning and increase work productivity.

5. Menopausal Symptoms — Schizandra supports the adrenals and balances the hormones in the body. In Korean medicine, schizandra is used to treat cardiovascular issues that are associated with menopause. This magical little berry enhances blood vessel health and aids in better blood flow. Helps a lot with moistness of body, moistening, and liquids to the genitals as well.

6. Combats Stress — Schizandra is an adaptogen, which facilitates the bodies ability to cope with stressors. It has also been reported to decrease blood pressure, which is commonly associated with higher stress. Schizandra will help fight adrenal fatigue which is commonly linked to or made worse by chronic stress.

7. Immune Booster — Schizandra will enhance your immune system, helping your body to fight off infections. If you suffer from chronic stress you might also suffer from lower immune system functioning. The active ingredients in this berry are known to reverse many issues of the central nervous system, allowing your immune system to take over without the added work of trying to deal with stress, depression and anxieties that you might be facing.

8. Increases Sexual Health — Schizandra strengthens the entire body and helps in calling your libido to action. It works to increase sexual endurance and produce more fluids.

9. Combats Insomnia — Even though Schizandra aids in mental clarity and stimulation, it is also fantastic in the fight against insomnia. It works to relieve anxieties and stressors therefore allowing you to relax at night.

10. Increases Stamina — Athletes have had amazing results with using schizandra as a part of their daily regimen. It actually reduces fatigue and improves physical power and endurance. Athletes have shown better performance results with long term use of the berry.

11. Cardiovascular System — This berry is very beneficial to your lungs. Not only does schizandra help with good blood flow but will help your body maintain healthy levels of blood sugar as well as lower your cholesterol. It has been used to ease coughing and increase energy and endurance, making it quite the powerful supplement for people with upper respiratory issues, such as asthma.

At this point, it’s pretty clear why we love this dynamic little berry. It is a powerhouse of a supplement that would make a great addition in your everyday routine. Who doesn’t want less stress, beautiful skin, more endurance and a clean liver?!


Dong quai/Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis) is a super potent blood tonic for both men and women.  It has been praised as the "woman's ginseng" because of it's reviving effects on the reproductive system, building blood and normalizing the entire blood cell structure.  It is used to promote menstrual stability in women, decrease PMS and is also recommended for those with anemia to revitalize blood balance.  Dong quai (Dang Gui or Tang Kuei) is good for men as well, to help to build muscle by increasing blood flow to the tissues.

Angelica or Dang Gui as it is also known, is a powerful blood tonic. It is known as the "queen of Chinese herbs" as it is used by women to build blood after a women's menstrual period has concluded and for menstrual disturbances. It is also very commonly used by men as a component of tonic formulations. It is also a powerful gynaecological regulator. As a blood tonic, Angelica is amongst the top in the world It is commonly used by millions of people to treat common anemia. It can be used after an illness, injury or surgery to rebuild red blood cells and to increase blood volume. Angelica has also been found to benefit the complexion by improving circulation in the skin, and by detoxifying, and thus helping to clear blemishes. It is almost always included in formulations designed to detoxify the skin and is used to treat urticaria, eczema, neurodermatitits, pruritus, vitiligo, rosacea, alopecia and pigment diseases.

White Peony

For blood building, detoxifying, healing menstrual problems and for beauty

White peony is a beautiful flower and in traditional Chinese medicine it is said that taking white peony makes you as beautiful as the flower. This is what makes white peony of special appeal to women and is certainly used more by women than men. However, it does have benefits for both genders. So whether you’re a man or a woman, bear with me and check out this herb!

It has numerous benefits but perhaps its most important and powerful function is as a blood-builder and blood-cleanser.

Its ability to cleanse the blood is the reason it is included in Lion Heart Herbs Cleanse formula.

As a blood-builder white peony helps the body to create blood; to actually make the constituents of blood. This is important especially for women who often suffer blood deficiency because of menstrual loss. A woman who has experiences heavy loss or irregular menstruation would particularly benefit from white peony. White peony is helpful for all kinds of menstrual disorders and for this purpose is often used alongside dang gui (angelica) to make a powerful combination.


FibroVera is a proprietary blend of microbial and botanical components selected to support uterine and breast health.

Reproductive health is an important topic for men and women alike. For women however, understanding and feeling confident about the body and the ebb and flow of the menstrual cycle is almost always a daily concern. FibroVera is a gentle option that offers the opportunity of bringing balance back to women’s hormone levels. FibroVera is an all-natural unique blend of hormone balancing botanicals and enzymes designed to help women support health concerns stemming from hormonal irregularities. FibroVera provides fibrinolytic (fibrin eating) enzymes and cofactors that are specifically selected to promote normal fibrin activity. Healthy hormone levels will naturally promote normal fibrin activity as well as support normal premenstrual symptoms. FibroVera is intended to modulate the hormonal response, restoring inherent processes in a woman's body. Each component was carefully selected using only well researched and clinically supported ingredients.