Here are a number of popular herbs and supplements:

1) Horny Goat Weed - For men and women

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For increasing your sex drive and your lust for life

The hilarious name of this herb comes from the fact that goat herders noticed that just before mating season, goats would eat large amounts of these leaves. They’d then get very frisky and lustful, hence the name of the herb.

Research indicates that horny goat weed does have hormonal balancing and hormone-improving qualities which may be what makes it potentially so powerful as an aphrodisiac. I have personally found this to be the case though it does depend on what else is going on for you. It’s not necessarily going to make you crazy with lust, but it will bring things back into balance for you and give you the level of sex drive that is right for you, assuming any other factors are resolved.

Horny goat weed is an excellent immune-supporting herb.

The interesting thing about all of the yang jing herbs like this one, is you get excellent results if you vary them. If one day you have horny goat weed, the next you have cistanch, then the next you have tribulus, then eucommia and so on, this has the effect of keeping your hormonal system in a state of constant improvement.

Increased sex hormones doesn’t just improve your sex drive but for many other things such as good memory and good bone formation, and improved function of the brain and nervous system. Increasing your sex hormones has knock on beneficial effects in many areas of your life.

Horny goat weed is the herb for you if you feel a lack of lust, not just for your partner but a lack of lust for life. If you never seem to feel motivated to go to the gym, or do your yoga or weight training, or whatever you promised yourself you’d do, then I really recommend horny goat weed.

This herb does have quite a strong and bitter flavour. It can help if you use a bit of a liquid sweetener like stevia extract. Give it a try, especially before you go to the gym.

2) Tribulus

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For living life to the full in sports, in the gym, in the bedroom and in life

Tribulus is a herb well known for its benefits in athletics performance and body building because it’s so powerful for helping to balance the hormonal system.

This herb stimulates testosterone, especially in men but also in women. Having said that, it’s not going to make you grow facial hair or develop big muscles if you’re a woman; it’s not a steroid. It simply helps to optimise your hormone levels. If you’re a man, having high testosterone levels does mean you’re going to be healthier, you’ll live longer and you’ll have a better quality of life. Many women could often do with a little more testosterone as well.

Tribulus is a great herb for men but is also valid for women to some degree, and it’s great for athletes of both sexes. It’s helpful for anyone who is looking for more competitive drive, greater endurance and more confidence.

benefits of tribulusAs with other herbs, you can use it regularly and consistently, and you can use it sporadically by rotating tribulus with other yang jing herbs like cistanche or morinda. For instance, you could have tribulus 4 or 5 days out of 7 and have the other yang jing herbs on the other days. This keeps your body guessing, so that the effectiveness of the herb is maximised.

Some men have reported that tribulus can very quickly have an aphrodisiac effect, but that’s not a guaranteed result for everyone. I don’t want to make false claims, though to judge from the experiences of those who take it, the chances are pretty good, depending on the frame of mind you’re in at the time.

Tribulus is what I recommend for hormonal optimisation. Tribulus and horny goat weed are the best herbs for this purpose and I recommend you get both. Whether by living life fully by sports or going to the gym or passion in the bedroom, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Tribulus has been found to benefit the marital functions of both men and women. It is a libido enhancer. Clinical studies indicate that it helps with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and with menopausal syndrome. It provides extra drive for body builders. It has been found to regulate hormone levels in both men and women. The result is increased marital potency in men and improved hormonal balance in women. Studies indicate that men who take Tribulus terrestris consistently have higher amounts of free testosterone in their systems.

Reports have also shown that Tribulus can help to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. Increase the strength of the muscles in the heart and improve the profile of red and white blood cells. Tribulus also has anti-bacterial, anti-malarial and anti-fungal properties. It has also been used for centuries to prevent arthritic conditions.

3) FLOW (This is especially for men)

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

This natural, plant-based formula is for enhancing male performance, sexually and athletically.  Consisting of three of the most powerful known nitric oxide boosters, icariin, pine bark extract, and l-citrulline, Flow can serve as both a short-term boost, and long-term solution.  These ingredients intelligently combine to boost testosterone and dilate the erectile blood vessels, leading to a stronger, longer-lasting erection and more energy to use it.  This can help erectile dysfunction as well as being used as an everyday health supplement that will help to keep the peter on the meter.

  • Stronger Erections
  • Lasting Endurance
  • Heightened Libido
  • Increased Energy
  • Mental and Physical Stamina
  • Heart-Protective
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Athletic Gain and Recovery

So let’s take a closer look at each of the ingredients, and what they have to offer.


This is a concentrated extract of Horny Goat Weed.  Flow contains a 40% potency of icariin, allowing for a high and pure dose of icariin per serving.  With a long history and endless studies supporting the benefits of men’s sexual health and endurance, icariin is one of the leading natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.  As a nitric oxide booster, you are experiencing increased blood flow to ALL areas of the body, providing strong erections and circulation of oxygen and energy throughout all muscles.  This can help to optimize your workout and aid in recovery.  Testosterone levels were also seen to increase with the use of icariin.

With greater circulation through the body, muscle fatigue and stagnation is also reduced, and gain in lean muscle mass has been seen.  Icariin can also increase stamina, not only on a physical level, but also mentally, as has been seen to improve memory and reduce stress through cortisol control.  Icariin is also a powerful antioxidant, so as it’s getting your system circulating, it escorts toxins out.  It has been seen to actually mimic testosterone, therefore raising the body’s awareness, and thus levels, of natural testosterone.  Also, as a PDE-5 inhibitor, icariin protects you from the erection-attacking enzyme called phosphodiesterase, type 5, which is the root of most erectile dysfunction.  Interestingly, icariin has also been seen to help heal the tissue of reproductive organs and bone mass.

*** Icariin is a natural PDE-5 inhibitor, that doesn’t have the side effects that the medicinal supplements on the market have.  Icariin actually BOOSTS nitric oxide, whereas popular supplements for men on the market only allow nitric oxide stay in your system longer, which only is temporary fix for some, and doesn’t even work for others.  Alongside the long list of side-effects, popular PDE-5 inhibitors have also been seen to do more harm than good.  Icariin is able to get to the root of the problem, and create long-lasting and physiological upgrades to erectile health.

Pine Bark Extract

As another plant-based nitric oxide booster, pine bark extract has also been seen to enhance erections through greater circulation.  This extract can enhance erectile strength, and is connected to a host of health benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-arthritis
  • Heart-protective
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Collagen-protective (and reconstructive!)
  • Vitamin C-protective

So, along with a stronger erection, you also experience one of the most powerful anti-oxidants on the planet.  Pine bark extract is a popular supplement to aid in muscle recovery and healing after workouts.  In addition to low levels of nitric oxide, inflammation and high blood pressure are the next leading causes of erectile dysfunction, and pine bark extract addresses ALL of these issues.


This goes into the body, and converts to the amino acid, l-arginine, which creates nitric oxide.  What makes l-citrulline more effective than l-argenine supplements is that all of it is used to produce nitric oxide.  If you were to take l-arginine directly, it’s almost immediately converted into an enzyme called arginase, and used in many other places of the body.  Thus, only a small percentage of l-arginine is used for nitric oxide production, if any, when taken in its original form.

L-citrulline goes straight to the kidneys, where it is converted into l-arginine, and used directly for the production of nitric oxide.  This is fascinatingly connected to Eastern Philosophy, where the kidneys are the source of sexual fluids and energy.  Studies have shown l-citrulline to be able to increase blood levels of l-arginine more effective than l-arginine itself, thus being more effective in erection strength.

The precise action of L-citrulline leads you right up to the production of two erection-supporting compounds, cCMP and VEGF.  They can help to restore natural blood vessel function, and secrete flow into the corpus cavernosum, which is the sponge-like regions of the penis that hold the most blood during an erection.

L-citrulline gets to the source of erectile function, thus rooting out dysfunction instead of simply covering it up.

Combined Forces

Each of these ingredients is beneficial by itself, but together, they create a powerhouse for male sexual function and flow.  They enhance each other’s properties, and set the stage for stronger erections, heightened sensations with higher endurance, mental and physical stamina, and more energy to rise to the occasion.

Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of L-Citrulline, Pine Bark Extract, Epimedium Extract(40% Icariin)

Serving Size: 3 Capsules

Serving Per Bottle: 30

Instructions: Take 3 capsules once per day or as needed. Take at least 30 mins prior to activity for desired enhancement.

4) Shatavari - Especially for WOMEN!

Used As An Excellent Herb For Women:

Shatavari translates into "she who has a 1000 husbands" and is said to give a woman the reproductive strength to have 1000 husbands! (Calm down ladies)

Shatavri (Tien Men Dong) has been used in India for thousands of years as a rejuvenating tonic for the female system. Through all generations, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, Shatavari helps to balance a woman during the cycles through her life. This amazing root provides soothing, restorative relief from PMS, menstrual and menopausal imbalances, hot flashes and helps to tone and strengthen her reproductive system. 

Shatavari helps to regulate the hormones, nourish the blood and enhance fertility. Although it is often considered a womens herb, it can also be used by men as a sexual tonic for treating impotency and as an anti-inflammatory for the reproductive glands, like the prostate. 

Sexual Tonic for women:

As a sexual/hormonal and women's general tonic, Asparagus root works excellently with Angelica (dang gui), White Peony, Poria, Bupleurum. They will truly change, uplift, and enhance a woman's life!

Long term use of Tien Men Dong will make the skin soft and smooth. It is also used with great success to strengthen the sexual functions in women and men and is used with other herbs to overcome frigidity on the physical level. Asparagus root combined with He Shou Wu has a very good effect on this.  Many Chinese women consider Tian Men Dong a powerful sexual stimulant. 

It is also used to help restore beauty (Along with sexual energy) when combing herbs used in ancient chinese formulas such as combining with schizandragoji, longon fruit, codonopsis, and morinda.

Used As A Sexual Elixir:

Asparagus root combines beautifully as a sexual elixir formula when used with schizandra berry, goji berry, codonopsis, morinda, polygala, longon berry and also something to consider is the powerful sexual libido enhancer Horny Goat Weed or cistanche.

Asparagus root is one of my TOP favorite herbs in the entire world. It is a POWERFUL stress reliever, mood uplifter and helps us to awaken our hearts to more love and compassion and a more favorable outlook in life. It helps us cope with the modern world and emotional upset. This is described as "shen stabalizing" in traditional Chinese medicine. It helps us to let go of what is not good for us anymore (such as addictions and negative behaviors), and more effortlessly partake in what is good for us, as most shen herbs help with. Priceless. People taking shen herbs, such as our Serenity formula, duanwood reishi, albizzia flower (helps a broken heart), zizyphus seed, polygala and poria will notice themselves happier in life in a happier, more peaceful disposition, able to cope with what life throws at them. Highly recommend trying this herb for this reason alone, however it also is very famous for other reasons!

Used As a Natural Antidepressant and mood uplifter:

Taken a bit before bedtime, one can obtain a very good sleep with wonderful peaceful thoughts just before falling asleep. It is very nice.

Throughout life, we all have tough experiences. When the lung energy is strong, we can pass through these experiences and then let them go. Wild Asparagus is unsurpassed by any other herb in this ability to let go of the bad things of life, emotional waste, and in allowing us to expand our view of life with each passing day.

Tian Men Dong as it is also called in Chinese, is truly a natural anti depressant. Another top of the top, powerful antidepressant, mood uplifter and "shen" tonic is Rhodiola. Goji berry is known as the happy fruit and helps also support overall happiness, wellbeing and a cheerful mood.

5) Ho Shou Wu

Excellent rejuvenation herbs for both men and women, and especially good as at replenishing sperm for men. Wouldn't be as strong an aphrodisiac as others on this list. It's more replenishing. This link is for the bigger value pack, but also sold in various sizes!

This herb is a truly remarkable yin tonic that definitely has something for everyone, if not everything for anyone.  With such an extensive and amazing history behind it, you may have to see for yourself and let the herb show and woo you.

  • Famous for anti-aging and longevity properties
  • Used to eliminate gray hair and restore natural color
  • Amazing yin jing tonic
  • Supreme blood builder
  • Extremely rich in zinc and iron
  • Revered for increased fertility and sexual drive
  • Assists in production of SOD
  • Calming to nervous system
  • Tonifies kidney and liver function

The Legend of He Shou Wu

This story begins with a 58 year old man, frail, impotent, and unmarried, who had turned to alcohol.  In a drunken stupor, he had fallen asleep amongst nature, only to awaken to plants that were twisted together, stretching for yards, appearing to him as “making love.”  Intrigued by these plants, he dug one up by the roots and brought it to the village.  Though no one could identify it, one wise villager suggested that due to his state of misfortune, this plant might have come to him as a divine tonic to help him.  Captivated and with nothing to lose, he dried the root, ground it up, and took it everyday on an empty stomach.  Within seven days, his sexual desire could barely be controlled.  Within a few months, he became strong again, and within seven years, all his disease was dissolved, his youthful appearance returned, his health restored, and his hair was black again!  At this time, he not only married, but also fathered 19 children and lived to be 160 years old.  He fathered sons who also consumed this herb, one living to be 130 years old, and another, He Shou Wu, who not only lived to be 160 years old, but at the time of his death, he still had a full head of black hair.

Stay Young With No Hair “Die”

As the legend implies, he shou wu encapsulates the full essence of a “youth tonic,” while also going the extra mile.  According to an obituary of a 1933 Time magazine, famous Taoist Li Ching Yuen was purported to have lived to be 256 years old, and it has been claimed he sipped a life elixir of he shou wu everyday.  Though some claim this to be a legend, there is quite a bit of good ol’ fashioned science to back it up.  Heshou wu helps to delay the aging process by increasing the activity of SOD, or superoxide dismutase in the body’s cells.  This basically helps to prevent your cells from oxidizing, so just like metal rusts, bodies age, and with the help of this powerful antioxidant, you will not only be protected from this process, but also from the free radicals and pollutants that interfere with optimal functioning of your cells.  Also, he shou wuhas been seen to inhibit MAO-B, a process that helps to boost dopamine in the brain, and it has been seen that MAO-B activity greatly increases as you age.  Thus, being able to withhold MAO-B from gobbling up all that dopamine in your brain, you are not only enhancing your mood and lowering stress, but also delaying the aging process.  Many controlled studies have shown he shou wu to prolong the lives in animals, and many people have lived longer to prove it!  The extra bonus he shou wu has in store is its ability to maintain natural hair color or even reverse gray hair!  This is one of the most popular uses of he shou wu, as one study in China showed 89% of the participants to have a portion of their gray hair return to natural color, and of that, 65% were fully recovered.  It is important to keep in mind that this study was administered under daily consumption of the herb for several months, and avoiding heavily processed foods, exercising daily, and lowering stress levels are also important factors that could affect results.

Immunity Service

Clearly yet another link to longevity is a strong immune system.  He shou wu has high levels of iron and zinc, both of which have strengthening properties to the immune system.  People are most commonly deficient in zinc.  In fact, oysters are the highest known food source of zinc, and he shou wu exceeds that.  Studies have shown he shou wu to enhance the immunological function of T and B-lymphocytes, and also an enlargement in the thymus glands of the mice test subjects.  The thymus gland helps to not only produce the white blood cells that protect your body, but also do tune up on your lymph nodes.  This gland grows till puberty, and then begins to shrink through old age.  The upkeep of the thymus is also another key that supplements the longevity factor of this herb.  He shou wu has been shown to not only inhibit atrophy of the thymus, but in one study, actually increased the weight of this gland in its test subjects.

Wu a Mate

He shou wu has been made famous by its legend due to the fact that a once impotent man was not only whirring with sexual desire after taking he shou wu, but then married and fathered nineteen children!  Sincethis was uncovered over one thousand years ago, it has been vastly used to revitalize sex drive, increase sexual fluids in both men and women, and strengthen the sperm and ova.  With the increased sustainable energy, preservation of hair color, increased longevity, and promised youthfulness, he shou wu truly runs all the bases to hitting that homerun.

Blood Building at its Finest

Unless you see an acupuncturist or holistic healer, the idea of building blood may not seem that high up on the list of health priorities.  However, blood is extremely important to delivering nutrients to your cells throughout your body and carrying toxins out.  Everything we eat and the air we breathe compromises the quality of our blood, which then allows toxins to remain in our bodies, most of the time getting stored in the fat cells of our bellies.  He shou wu allows our body to build high quality blood and increase the circulation we need to move and store nutrients and cleanse out the toxins that enter daily, and with its high amounts of iron, it is not easily matched in this category.  Although some may need it more than others, everyone can benefit from blood building.  The truth is, most of us do not get enough iron in our diets, and if your body has been stagnating toxins within your belly fat, you may even be able to lose that when taking a strong blood builder such as he shou wu.

Rest Easy, Stress Free-sy

He shou wu is a powerful yin jing tonic, helping to restore sexual fluids, build blood and tonify the kidney and liver, but one of its most powerful attributes, is its calming effect on the nervous system.  This does not mean it will make you tired, as in fact it is also taken to increase true energy within the body, but it has notable effects on easing the nervous system, inducing relaxation and a profound grounding.  He shou wu’smagnificent levels of zinc also help to reduce stress and create an inner-calm.  The high levels of MAO-Binhibitors mentioned earlier in the article also supplement this effect, as the mood-enhancement from the increased dopamine within your brain can provide great benefit for your nervous system.  Ho Shou Wu is also something that strengthens the body’s functional reserves, that “battery pack” of deep, primordial energy that our body uses just to live. Since ho shou wu contains the Yin Jing, it also contains that foundational energy that we pull from all the time.  It’s what nourishes, hydrates, and feeds the whole body, so we can run at our top efficiency by day, and close our eyes with content and rest easy by night.

6) Schizandra

The Quintessence of Tonic Herbs

Schizandra fruit, from the plant Schisandra chinensis, is “the herb that does it all.” It develops and protects the primary energies of life. Schizandra, known as the "quintessence of Chinese tonic herbs,” supports vitality and beauty when used regularly for some time. It is said to promote beautiful skin. Schizandra is said to help purify the blood, support the mind, help maintain a strong memory, and help maintain sexual energy and sexual functions in both men and women.


The Quintessential Full Spectrum Tonic Herb

The very name of Schizandra in Chinese, Wu Wei Zi, tells us a great deal about the qualities of this herb.  Wu Wei Zi means “Five Flavors Fruit.”  Due to the fact that Schizandra possesses all five of the classical “tastes” (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty) and thus possesses the essence of all five of the elemental energies (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), Schizandra is respected as a health-providing tonic in the same class with Ginseng, Reishi and Goji. 

Schizandra has been used since the dawn of Chinese civilization as a tonic herb. From the beginning it has been revered, and remains one of the elite herbs of the Chinese system of herbalism. It was first written about in Shen Nong’s Pharmacopoeia (written between 1st and 2nd century A.D.) where it was listed as a Superior herb. 

The Taoists especially have revered Schizandra. Schizandra was Ron Teeguarden’s teacher’s, Taoist Grandmaster Sung Jin Park’s, favorite herb. This is because Schizandra tonifies all 3 treasures**, enters all 12 meridians and nurtures all 5 elements. Master Park considered it to be the quintessential herbal substance. 

Though Schizandra is believed to benefit all the functions of the body, it has traditionally been considered to have the most influence on the Kidney, Lung, Brain and Liver functions.

Schizandra chinensis (Wu Wei Zi)


  1.          Tonifies all 3 treasures.
  2.          Enters all 12 meridians
  3.          Nurtures all 5 elements.


The 3 Treasures are the 3 fundamental energies that make up life, the 13 meridians are the energy channels that flow throughout the body, the 5 elements are the five energy states of nature (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal). In short, Schizandra is a rare herb that can actually benefit all the bodily functions and organs of the body, according to the traditional Chinese and Taoist health system.

Schizandra supports the skin and its functions. Schizandra is widely used to beautify the skin and to protect the skin from the damaging effects wind. Due to the astringent quality of Schizandra, the skin tends to hold its moisture and becomes full and beautiful. It has always been very popular with the wealthy men and women of China, especially the women of the imperial court, because of its youth preserving and rejuvenating effects. It is said that those who use Schizandra consistently will remain youthful in both appearance and physiology. Their skin virtually glows and becomes clear and fine after several months. 


This herb is considered to be one of the premium mind tonics of herbalism. It is used to support concentration, memory and alertness. It has been demonstrated that human intellectual activity can be supported and work efficiency increased by consuming Schizandra. Various tests have shown that moderate doses of Schizandra can support various activities requiring concentration, fine coordination, sensitivity and endurance. The tests in humans confirming Schizandra’s efficacy in these areas range from threading needles to running marathons.

Yet, unlike caffeine-like stimulants, Schizandra does not produce nervousness. Paradoxically, Schizandra is also mildly sedative (“Shen stabilizing”). Schizandra does not make people sleepy. In fact, Schizandra is mildly “calming” while producing wakefulness and focus.

Many studies now indicate that Schizandra actually has a balancing, or regulating, action on the central nervous system.  It can result in accurate and optimal balancing between the excitatory and inhibitory control functions of the cerebral cortex. It is considered to be a “bidirectional” herb.

In Ayurveda, Schizandra would be seen as able to balance all seven Chakras from the root to the crown bringing balance to your whole system. BALANCE is ESSENTIAL for wellbeing and THRIVING in life!


Schizandra has been shown to strengthen and protect the liver. Schizandra is one of the primary liver cleansing agents used in tonic programs. Schizandra does not have the side effects that are associated with many of the “inferior” liver cleansing herbs. Schizandra is widely believed to protect the liver from damage due to the kinds of toxins humans consume or absorb on a daily basis, the byproducts of living. Schizandra appears to be very effective in boosting both detoxification and clearance of activated toxins (including xenobiotics).


Schizandra is said to increase the “Water Qi in the Kidney.” In particular, it is said to support the “water of the genital organs,” referring to the sexual fluids. Schizandra is said to support the production of semen. It is famous for its ability to relieve sexual fatigue and for increasing the sexual staying-power in men. It is thus an ingredient in the vast majority of men’s sexual tonics in Asian herbalism. 


Women benefit from the same capacity to increase Water Qi of the Kidney. Schizandra is said to increase circulation and sensitivity in the female genitals. Many women claim increased genital warmth and sensation after using Schizandra for a period of time. The Chinese sexual classics claim that continuous use by a woman will increase the amount of “female elixir,” a euphemism for vaginal secretions, during intercourse.


Schizandra is indeed the quintessence of tonic herbs. It belongs in everyone’s home elixir bar.*

7) Cistanche - For men and women!



For passion and drive in bedroom, boardroom
and sports

Cistanche promotes virility, strength, endurance, confidence and drive. It does this by increasing the neurotransmitters and hormones associated with those qualities, such as dopamine, noradrenaline and testosterone.

Cistanche isn’t a steroid so it will not raise your testosterone levels any higher than they need to be, and this applies to both sexes. But testosterone levels are often lower than they

should be, especially in men, and cistanche will help raise them to the optimal level for your body, when used consistently over a period of weeks.

Cistanche is also famous as an aphrodisiac. It improves the blood flow to the genital region and it’s this, along with the hormone-strengthening aspect, that makes it effective. Results aren’t guaranteed of course, because the effects always depend on other factors as well, especially what’s going on in your head.

Cistanche is likely to make you feel passionate – not just in terms of sexual energy but in other areas or about life in general. For instance you may feel more passion for your partner or a creative process or winning a race or doing training. There are all kinds of areas where you can apply that extra drive and passion that cistanche helps you to have.

Give cistanche a try if you feel you could use more passion, drive and joyful exuberance in your life!

Additional info:

"Cistanche is a superior Kidney tonic that may be used by men or women, though it is primarily used by men to promote sexual power and virility. Cistanche has also earned the honorable title of "Ginseng of the desert.” It is however most famously known as the “Stalk Enlarger.” It has gained the traditional reputation of improving male erections, improving orgasms in both men and women, and for enlarging the penis by increasing blood circulation to the organ (no scientific substantiation available). Cistanche is also considered to be an excellent mood supporting herb.


Recently, there has been increasing scientific attention on Cistanche for its remarkable anti-aging bioactivities including antioxidation and neuroprotection. The chemical constituents of Cistanche mainly include non-volatile phenylethanoidglycosides (PhGs), volatile oils, iridoids, lignans, alditols, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. Pharmacological studies show that the cistanocides, related to the ginsenosides of Ginseng and the astragalosides of Astragalus, are major active components of Cistanche. PhGs are, however, the primary constituent for tonifying Kidney functions, which include sexual, renal, structural, neurological, marrow and endocrine tissues and functions. PhGs also support antioxidation and neuroprotection. These active constituents of Cistanche are also quite similar to those of Rehmannia, another well-known kidney tonic, that is a yin nourishing tonic. In fact, all three of these glycosides are also found in Rehmannia, along with its primary iridoid glycoside, catalpol. Like Rehmannia, Cistanche are both rich in sterols, such as sitosterol. Thus, it could be that the "gentle" nature of Cistanche as a yang tonic is due to having ingredients that also nourish yin.  


Galactitol and oligosaccharides moisten and nourish the colon and support normal healthy bowel functions, while polysaccharides are responsible for improving body immunity.


Cistanche is famous for being simultaneously powerful and mild. It is both Yang and Yin. Its actions are profound and unmistakable, but its actions as a Yang tonic are said to be “calm and smooth,” meaning that it is not sudden or harsh.


This is what Shennong, China’s first and legendary herbalist had to say about Cistanche:


“Cistanche has a salty taste (in fact, Cistanche is not really salty, it is sweet). It mainly treats the five taxations and seven damages, supplements the center, eliminates cold and heat and pain in the penis, nourishes the five viscera, strengthens Yin, and boosts Jing and Qi. In females, it makes pregnancy possible and treats concretions and conglomerations. Protracted taking may make the body light.”


Cistanche has been used in traditional formulations as a tonic to restore Kidney functions and to tonify Jing, and thus to help restore youth and to prevent further degeneration with aging. 


The infamous Genghis Khan, who fathered literally hundreds of children in his lifetime and who has left the largest genetic trail of any single man in human history, consumed Cistanche as a daily tonic. His Y-chromosome is today found in an estimated 16 million of his male line progeny in a vast swath of Asia from Manchuria to Central Asia. That’s one of every 200 males on earth today. Cistanche grows wild in the regions that were controlled by Genghis Khan (Mongolia and Heaven Mountain). Wild Cistanche is collected in arid regions that are untouched by civilization.


Numerous classical manuals on both herbalism and sexuality describe Cistanche in much detail. For instance, it was mentioned no less than one hundred times in The Essence of Medical Prescriptions (984 A.D.) in the sections on men’s health, sex, Yang tonics and physical empowerment. This is one of the most honored medical texts for Oriental medical practitioners still in existence. One of the sections focused entirely on the bedroom arts, and Cistanche was the premier herb used in numerous formulations for men. It was referred to routinely as the “stalk enlarger,” in reference to the “jade stalk” or penis.


The herb remains extremely popular in Asia. Products featuring Cistanche are found in all herb shops. Cistanche has a colorful reputation in China, since everyone knows what it does."