"Reishi 16oz / 4 oz - 5 out of 5!

The effects of Reishi really are more than I could have expected before taking it. It gives me a beautiful calm when I drink, makes meditation a lot easier and also seems to make me feel a lot more balanced throughout the day. I also can feel it's subtle heart opening abilities and that is really why I think it's so special. Your reishi is the best quality reishi I've come across and Im glad I found such an easy and effective spiritual aid. Thank you! - Shane, Ireland" 20-Nov-2015

"Chaga 4oz/ 16oz - 5 out of 5!

I found this to be excellent quality chaga having tried two other brands already. The effects I could feel immediately. It boosted my mood and gave me more energy. I also notice my skin has a more even tone after only taking it a few days. I would highly recommend everyone try chaga at least once in their life to see what it can do for them - Shane, Ireland" 20-Nov-2015

5 out of 5 by Jill Rice (10/24/2015 10:22:52 PM)

I just wanted to say this stuff is awesome. I was taking this with my daily green powders and some other things and was doing stuff that I normally don't have the energy or motivation to do. I ran out and didn't think my new found energy was associated with this product until a week after I ran out I was not any where near as optimistic and energetic as I was before !! I am really excited about keeping this product on hand at all times. Wow!!!

Cordyceps Herbal Extract 100g
energy levels up
5 out of 5 by Abdulrahman Almashgari (8/1/2015 2:23:41 PM)

products from this site never cease to amaze me I bought this cordyceps along with a few other products and tested them one by one and my energy and performance levels in the gym and through out the day are on an all time high due to cordyceps another brilliant product I recommend.

Strength Instant Herbal Formula 50g
great gains
5 out of 5 by Abdulrahman Almashgari (8/1/2015 2:15:06 PM)

when it said it boost your strength guess what it really did im getting stronger and my muscles are growing better than i seen in a long time another truly great product. If anyone out there wants to gain strength then you have to try this out.

Rejuvenate Formula 100g
5 out of 5 by Abdulrahman Almashgari (8/1/2015 2:11:11 PM)

Bloody marvelous product does exactly what it says my skin and body already looks and feels waaaaaaay better than before I love this product highly recommended